Fetus man

Fetus man

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Bad sketches

I like sketches. I find them much more inspiring than complete works. There’s just something nonchalant and “art for the sake of art” about them. But that might just be me. But here are some more of mine:

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Doodles and fun

Oh, teenage angst. Aren’t you amusing?

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What to you do with your mediocre art?

I have faar too many old watercolors, and I don’t know what to do with them, so I guess the end up here. 🙂

Haha, don’t you just love it when you look at your own old art and you see all the mistakes? The size of her eyes are so different and the whole clavicle is just wrong. And there’s probably a lot more of mistakes that I can’t see just yet.

This was my first watercolor from tube-paint :>

What do you do with all your art? Like, sketches and paintings that you don’t feel are good enough?

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Old Alex Pardee inspired faces!

Probably some of the first watercolors I ever did. They were both too big for my scanner, so some of the image was cut off.

I didn’t even know tube-watercolors existed when these were done, hence the horrible, obvious brushstrokes where the color is the most vibrant.

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Old watercolor houses

Eh, I’m faaar too impatient to do this kind of art.

How about you?

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A collection of less fortunate “art”

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