So… It’s been a while… And I don’t have any art to post. :>

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I want to use this blog for more personal stuff as well. So from now on, I will. Deal with it.

I spent my summer at some of my favorite places. Out in the middle of nowhere. I love it there, among all the abandoned, old houses and overpowering mountains. My absolute favorite place is my grandmothers old house. It brings back so many good childhood memories, while at the same time it saddens me because I will never be a child again. Oh lord, I’m 19 and having a half-midlife-crisis.

Oh well, here are some pictures.
Childhood nostalgia
My favorite place
The flora in color
Summer by the sea
Sea shells
The road to summer
Today's catch

I adore abandoned houses. So one day I went biking, just to photograph all the old houses. It must have looked peculiar, like I was on some “old house safari”-trip all by myself. Here are some of the photographs;
WasteOld barnSea gulls & summerWhere they used to live
Hidden by time
This is the entrance to a garden. Someone obiviously doesn’t like maintenance.

How did you spend your summer?


About Brain Vomit Art

Hi! I'm Julie. I'm 19 years old, from Norway. I like to paint.
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5 Responses to Summer

  1. frecklenotes says:

    Hvilken øy er det?
    Besteforeldrene mine bor på en liten øy også. Elsker å være der!

  2. mothcaterpillar says:

    This ia a very beautiful house! and lovely environment! and you are 19!!!!! 🙂

  3. Eirin says:

    Ahh, nydelig :))

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